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It’s 5am

My mind is racing with unknown thoughts I cannot explain. A feeling of Déja-vu, where my emotions are left lost within the midst of all that surrounds me. Am I awake or is this just a vision of my imagination? My soul wanders @ night…

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Everybody says ” fuck society ” But when you think about it, WE are society. We impact others by what we say to criticize them, judge them and somehow define the perfect eye of “beauty”. It’s up to you, look in the mirror.

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Quick thought

I wish my boyfriend would stop smoking. I smoke too, but I cut down as much as I can. I just want us to live a healthy life so we can be together longer. He’s already in his mid-20’s which means 30’s around the corner. I just want to enjoy life with him as much as I can.

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Socially Awkward

I was starting to believe that ^ was the reason why I dont have any close friends. Besides from the fact that I’ve moved continuously during the age of 9-20. Not to mention I was enrolled to about 7 different high schools, You can see why keeping close friends was so difficult for me. As I was talking to my best friend ( who is like a brother to me ) He pointed out a very important fact. It’s not that I am socially awkward and cannot keep friends, its that communication was a factor. We had a choice to keep in contact or not. Deep down inside of me, I think I enjoy the isolation. 

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Summer project

Make a scrapbook full of adventures of summer 2012!

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Shoutout for all the hits in the last 5 mins. Thanks and hope you guys are enjoying your day!

Shoutout for all the hits in the last 5 mins. Thanks and hope you guys are enjoying your day!

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Stop accusing me

I’ve had this guy in my life for almost 9+ years that I consider my brother. I have never done anything to him to make me look unfaithful. So stop saying him and I have done shit behind your back because NOTHING ever happened. If you really think he has feelings for me, wouldn’t he have said something by now? HELLO! I’ve known him since middle school and we are in our 20’s now. Man the fuck up and stop making false accusations unless you got the proof to back your shit up.


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You’re asking me why I’M mad..

But you’re the one that fucked up? haha pleeeeeeease


& i’m left wondering

How can someone be so beautiful yet seem so broken?